OVA & True Sport - Funding Volleyball For Life

The OVA is proud to partner with True Sport in funding Volleyball for Life.

In collaboration with True Sport, the OVA will be holding various fundraising campaigns throughout the year, with all proceeds funding athlete development at all levels of the sport. As a True Sport partner, we are able to issue tax receipts for any charitable donations we receive. 

Make a Donation

The first event in the OVA True Sport Campaign is a silent auction that will run in conjunction with Ontario Championships. The auction features a great range of items available to the highest bidder including autographed memorabilia from some of Canada's top beach and indoor players, team training sessions with expert coaches, vacation getaways and much more!

Check out the auction and bid on your favourite items! (You will need to create an account to place a bid).

What is True Sport?

True Sport is a program designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of sport from a platform of shared values and principles. True Sport is dedicated to the notion that good sport can make a great difference. It is our mission to deliver programs and initiatives that…

  • Enable participants, parents, coaches and officials to articulate and act upon their deeply held belief in the virtues of good sport
  • Enable participants, parents, coaches and officials to identify with others holding similar values
  • Create a fair, safe and open atmosphere where good sport can grow stronger through inclusive competition at all levels.

To achieve these goals, we promote seven True Sport Principles. The Principles need to be in play at all times, working in perfect balance with one another, for sport to be truly good and have the opportunity to make the greatest difference. The OVA commits to these Principles for Sport.

Why True Sport?

Every year, millions of Canadians come together through sport. In every province and territory, community sport inspires friendship, learning, health, and personal growth. Canadians tell researchers that after the family, sport is the most powerful influence on young people’s development.

True Sport exists to try to create the right conditions for individuals to experience good sport, to value it, commit to it, nurture it and stay connected to it all their lives. True Sport wants to create good sport communities from coast to coast because we know that good sport can make a great difference in the lives of our kids, and we believe that the way we play together shapes how we live together.

Good sport does not happen by chance! Sport falls short of its potential when negative behaviour gets in the way of the positive things  sport can teach us about working together, respecting each other’s efforts, and handling both victory and defeat with the grace of a champion.

Visit truesportpur.ca for more.