Conditional Memberships

The OVA oversees a comprehensive screening program for staff and volunteers as part of its mandate to provide a safe sporting environment. Through this program, some may be denied membership, or granted membership with conditions. Those members and their conditions will be listed here.

There are other organizations that offer programs, events and coaching independently from the OVA. In addition, sometimes staff and volunteers associated with the OVA operate their own private programs, events and coaching independently from the OVA. The OVA is not responsible for any program, event or coaching session that is not operated through the OVA. The protections offered by the OVA are not available with respect to any independent programming. If you are unsure whether a program, event or coaching session is operated through the OVA, please contact the OVA for more information at 1.800.563.5938. 

Notice to Members re Decision of Arbitrator (Stewart Arevalo)

On September 10, 2014, Adjudicator Barbara Carmichael released her decision concerning an application by Stewart Arevalo for membership in a designated category (coaching). A copy of that decision, which sets out temporary conditions on Arevalo’s OVA membership, may be viewed here. A copy of the earlier decision of the Adjudicator dated July 31, 2014 concerning Arevalo’s application may be viewed here. Under the OVA Appeals Policy, decisions of the Adjudicator are a matter of public record.

Should you have any questions regarding the decisions of the Adjudicator (including with respect to the temporary conditions), please contact Executive Director Jo-Anne Ljubicic