SPIKES On The Beach

The OVA's SPIKES on the Beach program offers an engaging Play to Learn format for youth aged 9-14 to begin playing beach volleyball. A half hour of drills ​and skills led by certified coaches, followed by an hour of actual gameplay means that your child will learn the necessary fundamentals and put them to use right away!


Spikes on the Beach Pilot Project

This pilot project is funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and Culture over the course of 2 years through the Ontario Sport and Recreation Community Fund (OSRCF) and is intended to reach 300 children, (more than 50% girls), in 17 communities across Ontario.

As part of the grant terms, the resources created through this project (manuals, videos, coaches and administrative resources) are free to access for anyone who is interested in running a youth beach program over the next 2 years in Ontario. 

To request the resources or to launch your own official Spikes® on the Beach program, please contact our Community Outreach and Grassroots Coordinator, Kerish Maharaj via email: kmaharaj@ontariovolleyball.org