Provincial Officials Committee Elections

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The OVA recently had two referee committee elections in the officiating community for both the Beach Officials Chair (BOC) as well as the Region 3 Officials Chair positions.  The candidates for the BOC position were John Gillis and Dimitri Magirias and for the Region 3 position, Trevor Lall and Samara Sevor were nominated for the position.

The election results are in and the OVA is pleased to announce that John Gillis will remain the BOC for the next term until 2020, and Samara Sevor will serve the same term as the Region 3 Officials Chair position.

The OVA would like to thank Trevor Lall for his dedication to Region 3 and the officiating community for the past couple terms and we look forward to seeing him in other refereeing capacities in the province. We would also like to welcome Samara into the Provincial Officials Committee and wish her the best of luck in the position.


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