SMASHBALL aims to address the issue of extremely low participation rates of boys in grassroots volleyball by playing a modified game that makes volleyball more exciting and enticing for young boys by focusing on movement skills and the sport’s most exciting skill – the spike.


Although the original program was designed for boys, Smashball is equally fun and simple to engage children of both genders aged 6-12 years old.

In addition to the game of Smashball, Ontario Volleyball is committed to building the fundamental movement skills and to improve physical literacy of all children in stages 2 and 3 of Canadian Sport for Life. Hence the coaching methodology, manuals, parent material and safety information designed to support Smashball have included detailed information to support these stages. Click here to read more about the OVA’s CS4L stages.


To find out how your club, recreation centre, school or community group can be involved in Smashball - email the OVA's Grassroots Coordinator, Kerish Maharaj via

A quick Start cheat sheet can be downloaded here:  Cheat Sheet (2017).pdf

Ontario Volleyball's Smashball is based on the Dutch model created by Peter Van Der Ven. His resources, equipment and program information can be found here: 




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