High Performance Identification Process

The OVA Athlete Identification Process is back for the 2017/18 Club season!

This season, Team Ontario Evaluators will attend over 30 OVA tournaments from 15U to 18U as well as all weekends of Ontario Championships to identify players with the potential to participate in the OVA Indoor and Beach High Performance programs listed below.


High Performance Centre
Team Ontario Red (16U)
Team Ontario Black (17U)
Youth/Junior Women’s National Team*
Youth Men’s National Team*
Tall Maples**

Invitations for the indoor programs will be sent during the first week of May. Only athletes with an invitation will attend the camps. There will be NO OPEN TRYOUTS for indoor programs in 2018.

*Identification for the Indoor National Team programs will be done through the OVA High Performance Athlete Identification Process in 2018. See full process on Volleyball Canada’s website


Team Ontario Red
Team Ontario Black
Junior Fulltime Training Group

Invitations for the Open Beach tryouts will be sent during the first week of May. Please note, players do not need to receive an invitation to tryout for Beach programs. There will be open tryouts for beach programs at the end of May. The objective of the invitations is to help players realize they may have abilities conducive to success on the beach.

Athletes interested in being evaluated for the above-mentioned programs can register for the OVA High Performance Athlete Identification process.


14U ATHLETES interested in the Regional Program DO NOT have to register to the Identification Process. Information on selection for the Regional Program can be found here.

Athletes interested and eligible for the TALL MAPLES program don’t have to register to the Identification process above. To be identified for the Tall Maples program please fill out the following form here as well as participate in the physical testing at Ontario Championships.


The Two Components of the ID Process

1.      Athlete Evaluation

Athletes will be evaluated based on the top national standards for their age category. Coaches will look at technical and tactical skills related to setting, attacking, blocking, defending, serving and passing as well as potential. (Evaluation Matrix is available for viewing on our website).

2.      Physical Testing

Athletes will be physically tested at the Team Ontario Testing Station at the 2018 Ontario Championships. The tested attributes will be height, one-arm reach and spike jump. Athletes will have to find time during the weekend to come and be tested.

Individualized Feedback

Each athlete will receive individual feedback at the end of the ID Process. They will receive a report highlighting where they stand compared to the top national standards for their age group and indicating the areas to improve. The athletes will be able to focus their training on the identified weaknesses and share that information with the person responsible for their training.

Benefits of the ID Process

  • coaches spend more time watching each athlete play than in crowded open tryouts
  • athletes are evaluated in a real match context rather than during artificial activities
  • allows athletes who would not normally sign up for a tryout to be evaluated and identified for the future
  • each athlete gets personalized feedback from Team Ontario coaches

Skill Level

Players will have to specify the program they want to be evaluated for. Players can select to be considered to multiple programs.

It will be up to the Identification Committee to decide which program a player will be invited for. We ask that you consider the skill level of your child when making this decision. Here are some references to help with this assessment:

  • Players should apply for Team Ontario RED if they are at the skill level to play on a Championship level 16U team or on a Premier level 15U team
  • Players should apply for Team Ontario BLACK if they are at the skill level to play on a Championship level 17U team or on a Premier level 16U team

Register to be Evaluated

All athletes interested in participating in the OVA High Performance programs must complete the following steps:

1) Register and pay the registration fee in NRS.

2) Retrieve your OVA Profile ID Number

  1. Your OVA Profile ID Number can be located on your NRS Athlete Profile. Login to your NRS account
  2. You can find your NRS profile number in the User Information section, the first line
  3. In the example below, the OVA Profile ID # is 194015

3) Fill out the Request for Evaluation Form and enter all the necessary information


$40 - The cost of the evaluation covers the cost of sending the Team Ontario evaluators to 30+ tournaments as well as all weekends of Ontario Championships. It also includes your individualized feedback which will help you address your weaknesses and achieve your high performance goals. All registered athletes will also receive a training gift when they come to the physical testing station at Ontario Championship.


All registrations must be received before February 2nd, 2018.


The evaluators include members of the OVA High Performance Team as well as coaches from the 2018 Team Ontario coaching staff:

  • OVA Director of High Performance - Louis-Pierre Mainville
  • OVA Beach Development Coach - Angie Shen     
  • OVA High Performance Apprentice Coach - Jennifer Neilson                     
  • Team Ontario Black Coaches Male - Francois St-Denis, Niko Rukavina, Jeff Millar
  • Team Ontario Coaches Black Female - Alixandra Krahn, Matthew Cheung, Natasha Spaling
  • Team Ontario Coaches Red Male - Steve Delaney, Jimmy El-Turk, Tyler Robinson, Matthew Ragogna
  • Team Ontario Coaches Red Female - Caley Venn, Matthew Schnarr, Richard Eddy,     Mike Albert, Shanice Marcelle
  • Team Ontario Beach Coaches - TBA before January 7th


We have prepared a FAQ to answer all the questions you may have about this new identification process.

For all other questions*, please email hpintern@ontariovolleyball.org

*If your question could have been answered by the FAQ, you will be re-directed to it


 1.      What is Team Ontario and why should I want to part of it?

The Team Ontario program is a training environment where Ontario’s top athletes learn and compete while representing Ontario.  During the different camps, the athletes will have an opportunity to experience high intensity on-court training and sport science sessions with experts in the field.  Various guest coaches from the OUA/OCAA are invited to work with the selected athletes for further skill development. Team Ontario is a great opportunity for athletes to learn from other players and great coaches as well as for them to experience new methods of training

2.      Why is this process better than an open tryout?

This process allows the athlete to be evaluated in a match environment.  This gives the evaluator more time to observe and evaluate a player compared to an open tryout on two or three courts with numerous other athletes that also need to be evaluated.  This format gives the evaluator a better opportunity to watch one athlete at a time in a competitive environment.

3.      Different players will be evaluated by different evaluators. How is the OVA making sure that everyone gets a fair evaluation?

The OVA is committed to provide all players with a fair evaluation. Here are the steps that will be taken:

  1. Evaluators involved with a club will not be allowed to evaluate players from their clubs or from their club’s city, ex: an evaluator from LVC will not be allowed to evaluate a player from LVC or a player from Forest City
  2. The same evaluation grid with the same evaluation criteria will be used by all evaluators across Ontario
  3. Evaluators will notify the High Performance Manager if they were not able to make a proper evaluation of a player. Players who need further assessment will be evaluated again by the Identification Committee at Ontario Championships.

4.      How many tournaments will my son/daughter be evaluated at?

All athletes will be evaluated at least once. Some players might be evaluated a second time at Ontario Championships if there are doubts from the Identification Committee about the first evaluation.

5.      Will we get notified when the evaluator is going to come to evaluate my child?

No. Players and parents will not be notified before their evaluation.

6.      How will I know that my child has been evaluated?

You will not be notified when your child is evaluated. You will receive personalized feedback at the end of the process.

7.      Who makes the decision for whom is selected?

The Identification Committee has the last word on who will receive an invitation. The Identification Committee is made of i) the OVA High Performance Manager, ii) the OVA High Performance Apprentice Coach, iii) the Head Coaches of all Team Ontario teams.

8.      What happens if my child gets injured or if their tournament schedule changes?

If an injury occurs and the player will miss some tournaments, or in case of a schedule change, you should immediately send the details to hpintern@ontariovolleyball.org. We will update our files and make sure to send an evaluator to the right event to evaluate your child.

9.      What if my child doesn’t play on the day where the evaluator comes for them?

If a player supposed to be evaluated on a certain day doesn’t play, they will be scheduled for another evaluation at another time.

10.  What if the evaluators don’t get to see my child play at any events because the coach doesn’t play them?

Team Ontario is for Ontario’s top athletes to be evaluated and selected. Players participating in the High Performance Programs generally have a significant positive impact on their team and therefore have a lot of court-time during tournaments. If, despite their abilities, a player doesn’t get to be evaluated because they don’t get enough court time, a conversation will take place with the coach. Following this conversation, special arrangements will be made with them so the player can be evaluated.

11.  What happens if my child doesn’t play well on the day where they are being evaluated?

Our evaluators are coaches that have been involved in the sport for many years. They have a tremendous experience in coaching volleyball and they are able to recognize when a player is not playing at their full potential. If your child’s evaluator has a doubt regarding their evaluation, they will notify the High Performance Manager and your child will be re-assessed at Ontario Championships.

12.  Can I request a second evaluation for my child?

No. Only the Identification Committee with the help of the evaluators can command a second evaluation.

13.  How much is the cost for this application?

The cost to be evaluated for an invitation to a High Performance Camp $40.

14.  Why is there a cost to this process?

In the past, Open Tryouts participation was 55$ and it was used to cover the cost of the gyms, the shirts and the coaches. This year, the OVA doesn’t have to rent gyms but it has to pay for the coaches to travel to the different tournaments and evaluate all the players applying. This year’s cost covers the expenses of the evaluator who will evaluate your child as well as their personalized feedback form and a High Performance reward.

15.  When do my child get their High Performance reward?

Players will be able to pick-up their reward at Ontario Championship upon presentation of their NRS receipt for their registration in the Athlete Identification Process.

16.  If my son and daughter don’t get selected this year will they have a chance to make the HPC and Team Ontario next summer?

Yes they do!  Depending on their age and the programs the OVA is offering they will be eligible to be identified every summer for the HPC and Team Ontario.