OVA High Performance Athlete Identification Matrix


The OVA High Performance Athlete Identification uses an evaluation matrix to assess athlete development throughout the High Performance Pathway. This matrix outlines the targeted profile of a Team Ontario athlete based on skill level and national performance standards.

Rather than using subjective scores to evaluate skills, the matrix allows for an evaluation of the athlete’s ability to achieve specific outcomes for the various skills. Each outcome is described by 3-6 concrete and observable objectives that represent the actions athletes should be able to perform.


For each evaluated outcome, there are two possible results:

The athlete clearly meets the expectations for the outcome

  • This means the athlete satisfies the standards and can now strive to achieve higher standards (older age group or international level)

The athlete does not fully meet the expectations for the outcome

  • The athlete’s skill execution is below the standards of the program they are being identified for.  
  • The athlete should continue to focus on the development of this skill and work on achieving all the related objectives provided in the Evaluation Matrix for this skill.

The feedback received at the end of the ID process will provide athletes with specific objectives to achieve in order to improve and become a member of Team Ontario in the future. 

Download the Matrix.