Indoor High Performance

Team Ontario Programs

In addition to providing recreational volleyball opportunities for all Ontarians, the Ontario Volleyball Association has another mandate of identifying and developing elite athletes in the pursuit of participating on both provincial and national teams.

We offer a number of programs dedicated to athlete development and skill acquisition as part of our Athlete Development Program. We invite you to explore this section to learn more about the opportunities available through Team Ontario programs.

Team Ontario

This year in accordance with the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan, programs will be defined by skill level rather than age categories. This decision was made in accordance with LTAD principles to give consideration to the late developing nature of volleyball athletes and to accompany their development within High Performance programming. Volleyball Canada has demonstrated this shift to skill-based programming with its 2018 Canada Cup (formerly known as NTCC) in which all Team Ontario programs will compete.

Team Ontario Elite

This program aims to provide a support system to identified 17U-18U athletes who have demonstrated a potential to play at the international level within a Junior National Team in 1-2 years. The integrated support services offered to these athlete’s include mental performance training from Marble Labs Inc., Sport Nutrition & Athletic Therapy provided by the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO), and Strength & Conditioning provided by Mettle Sports Training. We thank all our partners for their dedication to athlete development.

High Performance Centre

Team Ontario coaches will be leading a variety of sessions with the athletes to help them develop their skills. Athletes will be presented with concepts relative to the university and international levels in order for them to better understand the steps they need to take in order to achieve their high performance goals. On the last days of HPC, players will be split into teams for a competition. The selection for the Team Ontario RED program will be made at the end of the HPC.