17U Boys Bugarski Cup

Saturday, March 3, 2018
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17U Boys
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Indoor Volleyball

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Championship A

17UB - Championship A - Full Results

1 - Preds Purple
2 - SVC Cobras
3 - Preds Purple 16U
4 - Pakmen 16U
5 - FCVC Green
5 - FCVC Green 16U
7 - Sky Volley 16U
7 - LVC Fire Heat 16U
9 - Jr. Gryphons
10 - Tigers Black


Championship B

17UB - Championship B - Full Results

1 - REACH Smash
2 - MAC
3 - Smash
4 - Bluewater
5 - Reach Havoc
5 - Rapids Legend
7 - Leaside
7 - Barrie Elites
9 - Revolution
9 - Toronto West
11 - Phoenix
11 - MAC 16U


Championship C

17UB - Championship C - Full Results

1. Ottawa Fusion
2. Leaside 16U
3. Storm 16U
4. STVC 16U
5. Durham Attack
5. Pegasus 16U
5. Pegasus
5. Venom
5. STVC Chaos 16U


17U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship A

Waterloo Tigers
Participating Teams: 

FCVC Boys 16U - Green
FCVC Boys 17U - Green
Jr. Gryphons BU17
LVC Fire 16U Heat
Tigers 17U Black
Preds 16U Boys Purple
Preds 17U Boys Purple
SKY Volley 16U Boys
Pakmen 16U
SVC Cobras

- No volleyball or warming up anywhere other than the gym

- No electrical appliances

RE:  Parking

In an effort to help ease the congestion at this site please note the following:

This is a shared parking lot and a number of spots have been designated as “pool and library parking only”.  These are located directly in front of the pool and library.  Please do not park in these spaces.
Do not park in the fire route for drop off or pick up.  Do not park on Board sports fields, campuses or lawns; park only in designated spots.  Please encourage carpooling as much as possible.
City by-law officers drop by on Saturday mornings to ticket people parked in the fire route and non-designated parking spots.

17U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship B

Participating Teams: 

(12) v1.1
Niagara Rapids 16u Legend Male
Smash 17U
Toronto West 17U Boys
Phoenix Firestorm
Leaside Thunder 17U
Markham Revolution 17U REVS
Barrie Elites
Bluewater Ballistix

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17U Boys Bugarski Cup - Championship C

Scarborough Titans
Participating Teams: 

Durham Attack U17 Boys
Ottawa Fusion 16UB
Pegasus U17 Boys
Storm Voltage
Venom Black Mambas 17u
Scarborough Titans 16U
Pegasus U16Boys
Scarborough Titans 16U Chaos Boys
Leaside 16U

**Matches are scheduled to start at 8:00am**

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