ADV Development Coach - Indoor

The Advanced Development coaching program is designed for coaches working with athletes in the Learn to Compete LTAD stage.  The course expands on knowledge and skills learned in the Development Coach context and applies advanced training methods. The program has four distinct steps required for certification. Completion of each step also provides the coach with one of three coaching "designations": "In Training", "Trained", or "Certified".

VC_NCCP_Pathway Sept 7 2017 5.pdf

Step 1 - In Training: completion of Volleyball Canada e-modules (approximately 6-8 hours; pre-requisite to the In-Person Workshop) These e-modules are designed to provide all the necessary information a volleyball coach will need prior to the In-Person Workshop. The content of the modules will be applied and practiced in the Workshops. To begin the e-modules click here.

Step 2 - In Training: completion of the Advanced Development Volleyball Workshop
The course focuses on helping coaches to more effectively train athletes within the 17-18 age category and more advanced stages of skill development. Coaches will be expected to participate in a series of learning experiences designed to assist them in applying proven methods of coach intervention and practice design. Coaching abilities will be assessed throughout the course in a cooperative peer lead environment. 

To enroll in an Advanced Development Coach Workshop, first complete the Volleyball Canada e-modules and you will be prompted to sign up for the next available Worskhop in your region.  More information on available clinics can be found here: 

Step 3 - Trained: completion of the following Multi-Sport Modules: 
Plan a Practice, Nutrition, Make Ethical Decisions (Comp-Int version), Design a Basic Sport Program and Basic Mental Skills.

These modules provide education and training in areas relevant to coaches in all sports. To enroll in multi-sport modules, please visit the NCCP Course Calendar.

Step 4 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation requirements
The final step in the Advanced Development process is the submission of portfolio assignments and the undertaking of final evaluations. 

Review all contents of the  Coach Evaluation Package ADV DEV 2017 March 17b(1).pdf before beginning this final step of the certification process.

The portfolio includes:

The evaluations include:

Evaluation Package Appendices:


Complete Pathway Diagram