ADV Development Coach - Beach

The Advanced Development Coach program is designed for coaches working with athletes in the Learn to Compete LTAD stage or 17-18 age category.  The course expands on knowledge and skills learned in the Development Coach context and applies advanced training methods. The program has three distinct phases toward certification. Completion of each phase provides the coach with one of three coaching designations: "In Training", "Trained", or "Certified".

Completion of: 

  • Volleyball eLearning 

To begin the eLearning click HERE.

Completion of:

  • Volleyball eLearning (above)
  • Advanced Development Coach BEACH Workshop
  • Multi Sport Modules: Plan a Practice, Make Ethical Decisions, Nutrition, Design a Basic Sport Program, Basic Mental Skills

Note: The Advanced Development Coach Beach Workshop provides learning experiences to assist in applying proven methods of coach intervention and practice design. The course is designed for coaches working with Learn to Compete athletes (17-18 age groups). Coaching abilities will be assessed throughout the course in a cooperative peer lead environment. For an outline of the Workshop click HERE. To enroll in an Advanced Development Coach Workshop, first complete the Volleyball eLearning modules and you will be prompted to sign up for the next available Workshop in your region.   

Note: The Multi Sport Modules are offered by your local Coaching Association, not your local Volleyball Association. Courses are offered in-person and through home study. To enroll in the Multi-Sport Modules click HERE. The Multi-Sport Modules can be completed prior to the In-Person workshop.

-Portfolio and Evaluations

Please review all contents of the Advanced Development Coach Evaluation Package before beginning this final step of the certification process. 

The portfolio includes:

  • Design a Basic Sport Program submission
  • Plan a Practice submission 
  • Developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

The evaluations include:

Evaluation Package Appendices:

Complete Pathway Diagram