ADV Performance Coach & High Performance Coach

Levels 4 and 5 of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) represent the highest components of coach education available in Canada. The goal of the NCCP at these levels is to provide coaches with advanced applied training opportunities that meet the highest education and evaluation standards.

Coaches are not automatically eligible to enroll in volleyball’s Level 4 certification program upon completion of all Level 3 certification requirements. To be eligible for the program, all coaches must also meet additional requirements:

  • Fully certified Level 3.
  • Head coach for two full years as a Level 3 certified coach.
  • Provincial/Territorial and National Association endorsement.

Note: VC Coaching Committee has the power to admit candidates on an individual basis after studying each case.

The Task System

To be certified at Level 4 or Level 5 of the NCCP, coaches must complete a series of "Tasks" or "modules.” Twenty(20) Tasks form the core of the Level 4/5 curriculums. Tasks address specialized subject or topic areas. For simplicity, they can be grouped in the following categories: training methods and applied exercise physiology, sport psychology, sport-specific performance factors, technical, tactical, practical, and managerial aspects of high performance coaching, biomechanics, optimal planning and sequencing of high performance programs and activities, growth and maturation/athlete long-term development, leadership, self-awareness and personal management, the Canadian sport system.

Volleyball Canada’s Level 4 program consists of completing twelve (12) of the twenty (20) of the available Level 4/5 Tasks. Completion of the remaining eight (8) Tasks are required for a coach to be certified at Level 5.

Of the available 20 tasks, the following eleven (11) tasks are required for successful completion of the Level 4 program:

  • Task 1 - Energy Systems
  • Task 2 - Strength Training for Elite Athletes
  • Task 6 - Recovery and Regeneration
  • Task 7 - Psychological Preparation for Coaches
  • Task 8 - Psychological Preparation for Elite Athletes
  • Task 9 - Practical Coaching: Advanced Skill Training
  • Task 11 - Practical Coaching: Advanced Strategy and Tactics
  • Task 12 - Planning and Periodization
  • Task 14 - Practical Coaching: Training Camps
  • Task 16 - Athlete Long-Term Development
  • Task 17 - Leadership Skills

A twelfth Task is chosen from the remaining nine (9) optional Tasks for Level 4 Certification:

  • Task 3 - Sport-Specific Performance Factors
  • Task 4 - Nutrition for Optimal Performance
  • Task 5 - Environmental Factors and Performance
  • Task 10 - Biomechanical Analysis of Advanced Skills
  • Task 13 - Analyzing Performance Factors
  • Task 15 - Practical Coaching Competitive Tour
  • Task 18 - Self-Awareness and Personal Management
  • Task 19 - The Canadian Sport System
  • Task 20 - The National Team Program

The remaining eight (8) tasks need to be completed for Level 5 certification.

The National Coaching Institutes
The majority of the tasks for Volleyball Canada’s Level 4 program are delivered through Canada’s National Coaching Institutes (NCI’s). Canada’s NCI’s offer highly interactive practical courses, for national sport federation-approved Level 4 candidates. The NCI programs integrate classroom study with a Volleyball Canada monitored coaching practicum in partnership with a highly qualified Mentor Coach.

Level 4 volleyball candidates must be enrolled in an NCI program. The NCI’s offer opportunities for both full and part-time study. NCI programs are available in the following regions: Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Manitoba, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

The Mentor Coach
Once a candidate has received Provincial and National Association endorsement, a Mentor Coach is identified for themby Volleyball Canada. The candidate will be paired with this Mentor Coach for the entire Level 4 experience. The Mentor Coach will act as mentor and tutor for the candidate through the practicum portion of their education and training and make sure their education and training is relevant to their volleyball context.

During the Level 4 training process, coaches will be expected to work with a high performance volleyball team on a regular basis under the supervision of their Mentor Coach. The Level 4 candidate is expected to assume responsibility for the preparation of this group and maintain a logbook to record their observations, critical reflections, and seasonal planning.

Observation of the Level 4 candidate in games and practices by the Mentor Coach will be a critical part of the educational process and is a major requirement for the completion of Tasks #9, #11, and #14. As well, tutorials will be conducted to review the Mentor Coach’s approach to athlete preparation.