Officials Resources

The following resources are designed to assist Officials during the certification process and in preparation of officiating matches.

Officials Uniforms

Volleyball Canada Officials Uniform Information

OVA Resources

Officials Handbook 2017-18
Beach Officials Handbook 2017-18 FINAL.pdf

FIVB Rulebook 2017-2020
Volleyball Canada Rulebook 2017-2018

OVA Screening Disclosure Form
OVA Non-Injury Incident Report Form (PDF Version)
Head Officials Tournament Evaluation
Serve Receive Rule
OUA Volleyball Regulations - Combined - 2017-18 Regular Season
U Sport Playing Regs Volleyball (M) FINAL U Sport Championships
U Sport Playing Regs Volleyball (W) FINAL U Sport Championships
E-Scoresheet_training_USport_OUA 2017-18 ENG
OCAA Volleyball Regulations 2017-18 Regular Season
CCAA Playing Regs 2017-2018 - CCAA Championships
OUA Hosting Policy


ROC Meeting Minutes June 2011.pdf
ROC Meeting Minutes June 2 2013.pdf
ROC Meeting Minutes - Sept 7 2013 FINAL2.pdf
ROC Meeting Minutes - June 22 2014.pdf
ROC Meeting MINUTES - September 6 2014.pdf
ROC Meeting Minutes Sept 12 2015.pdf
ROC Meeting Minutes - June 4 2017.pdf


Volleyball Canada (VC) Resources

Click here for Volleyball Canada's Officials Resources.

FIVB Resources

FIVB Rules of The Game - Indoor
FIVB Rules of the Game - Beach
FIVB Volleyball Rules Casebook 2015.pdf
Multimedia Teaching Material for Referees
Officials Hand Signal Cheat Sheet

Other Officials Resources

The Rules R (Free Online Test for Volleyball Officials)

Travel Resources

2014 Foreign Participant Regional Procedures
Foreign Participant Registration Form
Foreign Participation Policy