OVA Membership Fees

Membership Fees 2017-18

For the 2017-18 season, membership fees will be as follows:


  • Indoor Player, 13U to 18U: $81.11*
  • Beach Player: $81.11
  • Adult/Master Player: $81.11
  • Indoor Recreational League Player: $10.91


  • Coach: $81.11


  • Indoor Official - Local: $116.14
  • Indoor Official - Provincial: $121.79
  • Indoor Official - Regional: $170.35
  • Indoor Official - National: $183.74
  • Indoor Official - International: $192.13
  • Beach Official Local: $101.11
  • Beach Official Provincial: $111.11
  • Beach Official National: $121.11
  • Beach Official International: $131.11

Club/League Personnel:

  • Club, Team, or Recreational League Contact: $81.11
  • Team Manager or Trainer: $81.11
  • Club Executive: $81.11

Indoor Recreational League Fee:

  • League Fee: $100

OVA Committee Members:

  • Provincial/Regional Committee: $81.11

Note: All Membership prices listed above include HST and a $28.00 Volleyball Canada membership fee.

To register as an OVA memeber visit the National Registration System (NRS) website.

Individuals registering in more than one membership category will only pay the greater of the fees being incurred. When membership roles are added at a later time, individuals will only pay an additional fee if there's a difference between the fees already paid and the fees of the new role(s) being added to their account.

Individuals registering an an Official must be carded as an Official in order to register.

* Individuals registering as an Indoor Player must have been selected for a team by an affiliated club. The registration deadline is February 1st each year.