Start Your Own SPIKES Program

Interested in starting your own SPIKES® House League program?  We can help!

For a low program cost per participant (and even lower additional discounts for low income and non-profit groups running a SPIKES House League Program) the OVA will provide you easy-to-follow operational and budget tracking materials and the most comprehensive technical materials available you will be able to set up a SPIKES program in your community quick and easy.  The profits from running the program can fund a competitive volleyball club, raise money for a local organization, or amount to fun, part-time income for an independent program convener.

Here’s how the OVA can help and support you in creating a successful SPIKES program in your community:

  • High quality support through the start-up phase, to help you with the logistics of getting the program running.  All the documents, forms, and promotional materials you need are ready to go with minimal preparation!
  • A thorough 3 hour in-the-gym training session for you and your coaches to prepare you for effective delivery of your program;
  • Detailed age specific lesson plans and activities make it a breeze to deliver each week of the SPIKES program;
  • Access to the SPIKES Starter Kit gets you up and running with high-quality, cost effective equipment for your program;
  • OVA affiliation – credibility, quality assurance and access to lower facility rates;
  • Full and complete insurance coverage, so that you have peace of mind;
  • Provide cool SPIKES t-shirts for participants and program leaders – a HUGE hit with participants of all ages!
  • OVA marketing campaigns will create anticipation and awareness of your program within the community;
  • Ongoing program support from the OVA provided through our knowledgeable SPIKES Program Coordinator

The OVA has also created and produced four SPIKES Resource Manuals which can be purchased from the OVA online store to further assist program conveners with lesson planning and activities.

Getting started is as easy as getting in touch with our SPIKES program coordinator at: or 416.426.7434.