Rules R Championship - Beach (2017)


We ran a Rules R contest this summer, similar to the one which was run for the indoor season in 2016/17.

We used a different test format this summer. The test was a series of Quick Quizzes comprised of 10 multiple Choice Questions (between 0 and 4 correct answers) with a 15 minute time limit to complete the test.

Out of all 41 active Beach Officials, 37 took part in the contest for a 90% participation factor.  

We are very pleased to announce the contest winners here:

  • In third place was Diane Cochrane, who attempted TRR QQ 255 times. Diane wins a Canuck Stuff Gift Certificate for $20.
  • In second place was Navid Vafaei, who attempted TRR QQ 1,187 times. Navid wins a Canuck Stuff Gift Certificate for $30.
  • In first place place was Albino Pereira, who attempted TRR QQ 3,369 times. Albino wins a Canuck Stuff Gift Certificate for $50.


As for the regions we broke the ratios as follows:

Region 1, 2, 4 and 6 had each Referee doing 7.4 Quizzes per Official.

Region 5 had each Referee doing 16.8 Quizzes

Region 3 had each Referee doing 416.6 Quizzes each.