Concussion Policy

At the OVA we are committed to the long term health of our athletes.

Download the OVA Concussion Policy.

We work closely with the Ministry of Sport in Ontario to ensure that current and relevant health information is available to our members. For more information on concussion prevention, identification, management and treatment, we invite you to visit the Ministry's Concussion Program webpage.

We also invite you to check out the Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre's Concussion Handbook.

The hitting warm up is an important part of game preparation, however, it does come with some inherent risks for both athletes and spectators. To reduce these risks, the OVA strongly recommends that teams follow these warm up guidelines:

  1. Athletes remain on one side of the net during a hitting warm up and those not hitting retrieve the balls on the opposite side.
  2. Athletes should not be crossing under the net during hitting warm ups into the direct path of the balls.
  3. Athletes should run around the outside of the court to retrieve balls.
  4. Designate one side for attacking and one for retrieving. Ask spectators to avoid sitting on the retrieving side during warm up.
  5. Hitting should be directed away from courts with active games and from spectator seating if possible.