Athlete Transfer Policy

This policy is designed to empower athletes with the freedom of choice when determining their playing situation. It encourages athletes and parents to gather information and make informed decisions concerning the club selection. It demands that all coaches behave ethically in their relationships with athletes, parents and other clubs.  It stresses that coaches not initiate transfer discussions with any athlete within the OVA, but it encourages them to respond to inquiries initiated by parents and/or athletes.

The Athlete Free Agency and Transfer Policy is divided into 3 time periods:

1.    Free Agent Period

End of OVA/VC season to the date of Individuals OVA registration.

During this period, parents and athletes are permitted to gather information regarding other club programs and athletes have freedom of choice when determining which club they will play with the following season.

2.    Non-Transfer Period “A”

Date of Individual’s OVA Registration to February 1st.

From the moment the athlete and parent signs the registration form for the current competition year to February 1, no transfers are permitted. Ontario volleyball does retain the right, during this time period to invoke an “Extreme Exception Clause” for a variety of cases such as, but not limited to:

  1. Residence change out of reasonable travel area
  2. Athlete’s Club or Team Folds
  3. Criminal investigations and/or Convictions within present club
  4. A mutual written agreement between the club and athlete stating that transferring clubs is in the best interest of both parties.

Athlete and Parent Responsibilities:

In order for the OVA to invoke the “Extreme Exception Clause”, athletes and/or parents must complete these steps:

  1. Contact the OVA by email, and copy the club they are presently registered with declaring their need for a transfer.
  2. Provide specifics of the extreme exception.

Receiving Coaches Responsibilities:

During this time period, coaches who are contacted by players and/or parents, and receive a request to transfer to their club, are requested to contact the OVA by-mail and copy the club the athlete is presently registered with confirming their acceptance or rejection of the transfer.

Departing Club Responsibilities:

During this time period, clubs losing a player due to an “Extreme Exception” may be required to provide situational specifics where possible.

3.    Non-Transfer Period “B”

February 2nd to End of the OVA/VC Season.

During this time period no player transfers will be permitted for any reason.

Policy Notes & Rationale:

Ontario Volleyball’s rationale for the creation of this policy is as follows:

  • To provide youth athletes and parents freedom of choice ensuring a positive and productive volleyball experience in Ontario.
  • To promote ethical behaviour by coaches, athletes, and parents by providing guidelines for changing clubs.

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