Coach & Player Resources

The OVA has compiled key resources to assist coaches, athletes, and parents throughout the club season.

The resources are grouped into categories:

  • Forms & Registration Resources;
  • Competitions Information & Manuals; and
  • Coach & Athlete Resources

Forms & Registration Resources

Registration - 2017/18

Instructions for Individual Registration From

Please sign and return the Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement & Terms and Conditions to your Club along with the Registration Form. 

How to Register Guides: Step-by-step manuals to assist with NRS registration

*Important for Indoor Players upgrading to add the Beach Player role.

Competitions Information & Manuals

Coach & Athlete Resources

Coach to Parent Communications Tools 

To avoid the potential of miscommunication between coaches and parents leading to disappointment, it is crucial to clearly define expectations for the season BEFORE it starts. Read more here and download the tools below.

Pre-Tryout Information Template
This tool will help you communicate basic information about your team for the coming year so parents and athletes can make educated decisions about what offer to accept. 

Pre-Season Information Template (adapted to the age group you coach)
This template will help you structure all the information you need to share with the parents of your athletes before the season starts so everyone is on the same page. Select the template that applies to the age group you coach:

Parent Information Template - 12&13U
Parent Information Template - 14U
Parent Information Template - 15U
Parent Information Template - 16U Boys
Parent Information Template - 16U Girls
Parent Information Template - 17&18U

OVA Code of Conduct

Club Tryout Information

OVA Police Screening Policy


Complaint/Incident Report

Scorekeeping - How to Score a Match

Resource Guides & Blogs

Athlete Financial Assistance