What to Expect at an OVA Beach Tour Event

Check-In and Players' Meeting

Team check-in takes place between 8:30AM and 9:00AM.  Both partners must check-in together.  If you AND your partner have not checked in by 9:00AM SHARP, you will not be able to participate in the event and you will NOT receive a refund.

Should one partner be on time and the other not, both will be disqualified from participating in the event and you will NOT receive a refund. Please give yourself ample time to arrive early.  It is the players’ responsibility to check directions and road closures prior to the event, as there is NO excuse for lateness. (Exception: Elite teams must arrive for their first match or for their officiating duties.  Elite teams do not need to check-in).

The Players' Meeting begins at 9:00AM when check-in has closed.  It is at this meeting where the tournament director will brief the participants regarding the day's schedule with new and relevant information. It is the responsibility of all athletes to listen to what is said and to question anything that is not understood.  Sanctions can be levied to teams who do not follow the format and the basic rules of the tournament.  It is the athletes' responsibility to make sure they understand.

Tournament Format

12UG & 13UB will be using the 7m x 7m court dimensions.
All other divisions on the OVA Beach Tour will be using the 8m x 8m court dimensions.

All divisions will follow a pool play format, followed by a single-elimination playoff format. The Elite division will experience a mix of double elimination and pool play tournaments varying in size from 8 to 24 teams.


Coaching is permitted for ONLY the youth divisions 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, and 16U.  Coaching will be allowed in the 18U age division for Championship, Challenger and Trillium events for the first four OVA Beach Tour events  Coaches must identify themselves to all parties participating in the match including the opposing team, the player referees and the OVA referee supervisor in the area.  The coach’s name must be included on the match score sheet.  The coach must abide by the following set of rules:

  • Coaches CANNOT call time-outs for their athletes
  • Coaches are allowed to speak to their athletes only during time outs. Coaching is NOT allowed in the Youth Open or Adult divisions.  
  • Coaching is only allowed at the request of the athletes within the designated coaching areas.

Consult the Beach Handbook for complete details.

Self-Officiating & OVA Officials

All teams will be required to score and officiate matches in their pool.  A schedule is created detailing when you play and when you are expected to officiate (handed out for pool-play).  During playoffs, teams are randomly assigned scoring/officiating duties in the first round of playoff matches and must score one match after they have been eliminated.  Failure to complete officiating duties will result in $50.00 sanction from OVA and must be paid before competing in the next OVA event.

Player referees are important to the operation of the OVA Beach Tour events.  As a player referee, it is your duty and responsibility to officiate matches.  You represent officials when acting as a player referee and you have the same role and responsibility as certified officials.

There will be OVA officials on site who will answer any questions and address any concern the players may have about rules, regulations, etc.  They will supervise the beach throughout pool play and will attempt to officiate all Gold Medal matches.  Officials may also monitor warm-up times and are instructed to start matches after 10 minutes of warm-up.  Failure to limit warm-ups to 10 minutes will result in a $50.00 sanction from OVA to players and teams and must be paid before competing in the next OVA event.

Weather Cancellation/Rain-Out

Teams are required to remain “on-call” and “on-site” until 4pm unless otherwise instructed.  It is up until this time that a decision can be made as to whether the event can be played out.  If the event is cancelled before playoffs, all teams will receive a refund less 10% administrative fee. 

A decision will be made by the Beach Ad Hoc Committee in the case of a cancelled event affecting minimum requirements for Ontario Championships eligibility.

Suspended Play Policy

Safety concerns and play suspension are at the discretion of the collective Beach Tournament Committee (section 6.1.3) but ultimately are the judgment of the Tournament Director.

Play shall be suspended if the Tournament Director and Committee foresee:

  • Inclement weather – lightning (Note: If it is raining, play generally will not stop unless there is lightning)
  • Extraordinary circumstance
  • Safety concern
  • Other discretionary reason to clear the beach (i.e. darkness).

Upon notification of suspended play:

  • All athletes must immediately evacuate the beach and go to cars or indoor facilities and NOT UNDER TREES.
  • Athletes PLAYING are responsible for recording the score and taking note of the court they are playing at.
  • Officiating teams are responsible for taking the clipboard and ball with them.

Notification to resume play:

  • Play will resume 15 minutes following the horn sounding.
  • Athletes are responsible for being within a given distance to hear the horn.
  • Following a 10-minute warm-up, officials and athletes will continue to finish the game from where the score left off.
  • Modified play may ensue at the discretion of the Tournament Director and Beach Tournament Committee.

 Cancellation Procedures

Tournaments will be cancelled due to inclement weather at the discretion of the Tournament Committee (head official, tournament director & player representative).  General guideline is once lightning hits, play is suspended for 30 minutes and weather is re-evaluated at that time. 

  • Points – If the event is cancelled mid-way through playoffs, all teams who remain in the division will split the remaining points.  If pool play has not been completed, then no points are awarded.
  • Prizing – If there is no winner, prizes will not be awarded (including weekly adult prize money & free tournament entry).
  • Refund – A full refund, less a 10% administrative charge, will be granted if athletes did not finish pool play.  If playoffs had already begun in a team’s respective division no refund will be granted.


The following procedures shall be used when dispersing prize money for either a Grand Slam Adult Elite event or Ontario Championships Elite adult division if a tournament is cancelled:

  • Divide money equally between remaining teams if the quarter-finals have begun.
  • Refund – A full refund, less a 10% administrative charge, will be granted if pool play or pre-quarter matches have not been completed